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A Charitable Organization embracing those in need.

Our Founder and President

Meet Chloe Wildman

Our President and Founder, Chloe Wildman, established the Extraordinary Hearts Foundation, Inc. in 2017 after having been profoundly impacted by visiting local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.   Paperwork was submitted to officially declare Extraordinary Hearts a business and charitable organization and when everything was returned to us it turns out that our articles of incorporation were most appropriately signed and made official on Valentine's Day! 

Talking with patients and families, Chloe decided that she wanted to do something more to assist those who are in need of financial, physical, material and emotional support as the result of extreme medical situations.  She says that seeing the strength and determination with which patients face their diagnosis and treatment is inspiring and she wants to show them that there are people within the community that love and support them.

Having established the foundation during her reign within the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Organization as Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2017, she has raised and donated approximately $10,000.  These funds have been donated primarily to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  She has also worked to raise and provide material support to long term patients including gathering nearly 700 individual cosmetic and hygienic items that were then donated to the  Warrior Glam Bag Project and delivered to hospitals within Maryland.

"I believe that when we establish strong partnerships within our communities we are able to accomplish anything we put our minds to.  We can have a long term impact on those who are in need.  Not just in a physical, tangible way through donations but emotionally as well in simply showing our care and concern and being empathetic with those we serve.  It is my goal to touch the lives of as many people as possible, to uplift them, and pay it forward.  No one should ever feel alone."

Photo courtesy of John Casper, Morning Walks Studios